The Cost of Things: St. Patrick’s Day

St Paddy's Day TipsHappy St. Patrick’s Day, everybody! It can’t be a coincidence that so many “put on costumes and have parties” holidays, including Purim and Mardi Gras, occur at this time of year: we’re all deathly tired of winter but being as it’s not quite, or reliably, spring yet, we need to manufacture an excuse to keep living. That excuse is, of course, beer.

If you celebrate, do you budget for St. Patrick’s Day or just let the expense wash over you like so much green-tinted water? How do you set your budget: based on what you shelled out last year for leprechaun tattoos, or based on what you would ideally like? A couple of years ago, US News reported that “Americans will spend a total of $4.7 billion dollars” on the holiday. Specifically:

Men spend the most. Men may not spend a majority of consumer dollars, but when they reach for their wallets, they go big. Compared to any other consumer demographic looking to make a purchase for St. Patrick’s Day this year, men have the biggest budget, with an average planned expense of about $45. Women, on the other hand, are only looking to spend around $32.

Young spenders, big spenders. Next to men, young adults take second place as consumers with the lightest wallets after St. Patrick’s Day. Those aged 25 to 34 plan on grabbing a little less than $45 in clothing, food and decorations. Spending patterns show that as people get older, they spend less and less on the Irish Holiday—bottoming out at about $31 for those 65 and older.

But perhaps this year will be different. suggests that people are going to hold back this year: “Spending nationwide on St. Patrick’s Day is expected to drop 3% this year, though celebrants will still be plenty enthusiastic.”

If you are looking to spend less, lots of folks are eager to help. Here is a list of holiday-related freebies, discounts, and sales. And Splitsider shared this video from Team Coco.

Bonus: Some interesting St. Patrick’s Day history.



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