Upwardly Mobile: ‘Connected World’

How will traffic become a thing of the past? How will the world change when every person on the planet has access to a cell phone? What if every thing on earth was connected to the internet? What will civilization 2.0 truly look like?

These are just a few of the questions AT&T is looking at in their innovation series Upwardly Mobile. A bold look into what the next 20+ years has in store for us — speaking with everyone from a futurist architect to one of the creators of BitTorrent.

In Episode One, Connected World, we explore how the mobile network is transforming everything from our homes, to our cars, to the cities we live in. We call this the “internet of things,” a world of interconnected devices that not only controls our cars, thermostats and light switches, but automates them.

The Mobile Movement from AT&T created an innovation series called Upwardly Mobile to document the ideas bringing the power of the mobile network to life, and the visionaries behind them. Watch the first episode of the Upwardly Mobile series here, and follow the mobile movement on YouTube.



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