Burger King Is Paying for Wedding of Couple Named Burger-King

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Here’s a great story for Relationships Month: A couple named Joel Burger and Ashley King are getting married in Jacksonville, Ill. and Burger King just announced it was picking up the cost of the wedding.

How did this happen? On April 2, a staff writer at the Springfield, Ill. State Journal-Register ran a fun human interest story titled “A Burger Marrying a King Is a Whopper of an Event.” The story, which described how Burger and King went to school together and dated their initial “meet cute” to a yo-yo assembly in fifth grade (seriously, read the story, the yo-yo anecdote is great), quickly went viral.

The next day, Burger King got involved:

Then, on Monday, a Burger King representative contacted Burger and King via Skype, and you can watch what happened next, courtesy of the State Journal-Register:

Yes, Burger King is now paying for the Burger-King wedding, and I hope that at some point on that Skype call the Burger King representative said “have it your way.”

I know a bit about small Midwestern towns, and how people really do meet cute in fifth grade, go to Prom together, and then get married when they grow up, and I bet that the Burger-King wedding in Jacksonville (pop. 19,446) is going to be amazing. It will be the kind of thing the town talks about for years to come, which is fantastic and wonderful.

I wish both Burger and King the very best.


This story is part of our relationships month series.

Photo credit: Mike Mozart



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