One Year Closer to the ‘R’ Word

West Elm card

April is the month of my birth, and I am amused every year by the corporations that have that date on file and send me notes. Some are just discount offers, like the pop-up card above sent to me by West Elm where I bought some sheets a few months ago.

But now, I’m getting to that age where some of these corporations remind me that I am getting one year closer to my death and they hope I’ve been preparing! Here is, for example, a note from Allstate, where I buy my renters insurance:

We did want to let you know though, that as you get older Life Insurance becomes more expensive. So, if you were planning on looking into a policy, it will be cheaper before your birthday.

How helpful! But I’m already covered under term insurance for now, thanks.

And here’s a special birthday message from my 401(k) provider:


I mean, who doesn’t want to be freaked out about saving enough for retirement whenever your birthday rolls around! They even have mention their retirement tool you can try out just in case you want to freak yourself out even more! Just enter in your annual salary and what you’re contributing every month and get an answer.

I clicked. I answered. Luckily for me, my outlook is sunny.

retirement outlook

It looks like I may meet 95 percent of my retirement goals by the time I am old and gray. Ninety-five percent! I’m okay with that.



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