Who Knows One [Thing]? I Know One [Thing]

ten commandments red seaThursday is a great day to do that 1 thing you don’t want to do but also don’t want to continue thinking about doing.

If I were a good Jew and a proper wife, my 1 thing would be preparing the house for Passover, which starts tomorrow night: emptying the pantry, scouring the kitchen, sweeping the floor, and removing all traces of chametz — bread, wheat, or grain-related products — which are taboo to eat for eight full days.

Although we keep Passover, meaning we attend seders the first two nights and stick to matzoh and what you might call the original Gluten Free diet for the following week, we don’t go to Biblical lengths. Lucky for me, too, since it’s a lot of work that traditionally falls to the women, and this woman has her hands full. (With a laptop.) Still, I will help get us ready before we leave for my mom’s tomorrow morning, since we won’t want to see bagels, pasta, and other delicious verboten things lying around when we get back. And there’s prep for the trip that needs to be done, too: picking up the dry cleaning, packing, and so on.

Is your one thing Easter or Passover related? Or tax man related? Or perhaps related to the fact that the weather finally at last at last seems to be getting nice for the first time since October?



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