A Short Story About Privilege

I have come across some apt descriptions of privilege in my time and this, from Auckland-based artist Toby Morris, is one of the best.

On A Plate cartoon

“His shelves are full of books and his fridge is full of food” — just by itself, that line says so much. Books and food are, as the lawyers might say, necessary, if not sufficient; without loving support, good health, and some measure of character, any child is going to have a tough time of it. With books and food, though, which are fuel for the mind and the body, some basic conditions are met. It’s so hard to focus on anything else when you’re hungry. Or, for that matter, sick.

Read the full comic here. It’s pretty spot-on, especially the ending.

It bears repeating that these sorts of stories aren’t intended to make people born in Column A feel guilty. Or, well, maybe they are, a little. Primarily, though, they exist to make Column B people feel seen and to remind Column A people to feel grateful. Feeling grateful is good practice for everyone, regardless.



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