Monday Check-in

Del PostoGood morning! Let’s check in.

On Saturday, I went for a three-mile run, picked up a bagel and coffee for lunch ($7), and then put on a suit and joined five close friends for a dinner at Del Posto, where we shared an amazing five-course dinner with plenty of wine and what seemed like an endless amount of dessert. My friends picked up the check (though I really wanted to throw in since it was a bit pricey). We shared a cab home (they paid again), and I slept soundly. The next day, I headed to Brooklyn to meet a cat I’ll be sitting for later this month, stopped by the office to do some work, and then picked up a few groceries ($60). My estimate was to spend less than $100 and I did that (thank you, friends!).

What about you? How were your weekends?



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