Tuesday Check-in

Photo May 24, 1 17 40 PM
Good morning! We’re back from the long weekend and have new things coming today! Let’s check in on our weekend spending.

On Saturday, I walked to a cafe down the street from where I was cat sitting and had breakfast and coffee ($15) and got my fingers stained from reading the newspaper. Later in the evening, I met with Logan for dinner and treated her for her birthday ($124.98). We walked through the promenade and she treated me to ice cream. The next day, I met up with two friends for brunch and decided to treat them as well ($137.41). They treated me to a cortado at a coffee shop after, and then we had a beer while sitting in some outdoor space. I finished cat sitting on Sunday night and spent Monday getting settled back in my apartment, getting groceries ($40) and doing some work. My estimate for the weekend was $200 and I spent $317.39, mostly because I got paid to cat sit and wanted to use the money to treat my pals.

And how were your last three days?



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