Stephen Colbert Funds Every South Carolina DonorsChoose Project

colbert kermit flail iiStephen Colbert just made 800 teachers’ days.

Earlier today, Colbert announced that he, along with partners Share Fair Nation and ScanSource, would fund every outstanding South Carolina DonorsChoose project, totalling approximately $800,000 and benefiting 375 schools.

DonorsChoose is a crowdfunding site where people can pledge funds to help teachers get needed materials and educational tools into classrooms, from library books to pencils. (Yes, teachers are using crowdfunding sites to get pencils into public school classrooms. It’s both unbelievable and very believable.)

Where did Colbert get the funds to support these projects? From auctioning off his Colbert Report set and bringing in matching donations from his funding partners. Colbert was enrolled in the South Carolina public school system as a child, and now he wants to give back and help today’s students succeed.

After the jump, watch a two-minute video of Colbert announcing his donation to an audience of excited students and teachers. Be warned: it autoplays.

Thanks to Greenville Online for sharing this story and video, and thanks to Stephen Colbert and his partners for making sure South Carolina teachers and their classrooms have everything they need.



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