Spotting the ‘Pink Tax’ Out in the Wild

I just saw this tweet from our pal, Tatiana:

Which reminded me that I recently bought a pair of headphones that were “designed by women, for women” because someone recommended them to me for running, and they’ve been great and clearly work for all genders.

works for all genders!

The phenomenon of gendering consumer items has also resulted in pricing disparities. Last year, the editorial board at the New York Times wrote about “The Pink Tax,” or instances of sexist pricing policies where products marketed to women come at higher price points.

The Daily Share put together a video to prove this point:

Since many of these products do the exact same thing, many women ignore the packaging and buy whatever has the better price point (my mother, for example, uses the same razors my dad does). And I go with the even cheaper options at the Dollar Shave Club.



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