Canadians Love Vacationing in the U.S.

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Canadians visit the U.S. more than Americans visit Canada. More than twice as many Americans visited Mexico in 2014 as headed north, those sunny beaches trumping the friendly nation of hockey, poutine, and Justin Bieber. Among overseas destinations, the United Kingdom and the Dominican Republic drew the most U.S. travelers, followed by France, Italy, and Germany.

Bloomberg looked at data from the Commerce Department’s National Travel and Tourism Office to discover where Americans like to go on vacation, which foreigners love visiting the U.S., and what people do when they get here (mostly shop).

My pals and I chose our summer vacation in Italy while sitting around at a dinner table one night drinking wine. Wouldn’t it be nice to rent a house in Tuscany and drink wine outside and visit a vineyard? It started out as a fantasy more than anything, but we all quickly found ourselves looking at our savings and calendar dates. But: Canada! My one visit to Canada was when I was a cool teen who flew to Vancouver with my high school for a swing dancing tour. Perhaps it’s time for another visit!



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