Money in Your 30s


You might still be paying off student loans and credit card debt. That 401(k) is set up, yet it still might not be at the level you’d hoped. But that’s okay, says Daniel Sheehan, a financial planner based in Fresno, Calif. People in their 30s still have time to get their savings in line and start thinking about other things that felt less urgent earlier, such as writing a will and buying life insurance. “It’s never too late,” he says.

In the Washington Post, Jonnelle Marte writes about our money worries in our 30s, and some goals to try reaching. Those goals include: ensuring you have an emergency fund, setting aside at least 15 percent of your pay for retirement, starting an investment portfolio, becoming debt-free, writing up your legal documents, and making sure you have insurance.

Me: I have about six months of emergency money, though I’d like to save more. I’m good about setting aside money in my retirement accounts, but don’t invest money beyond that. I have no consumer debt, but am still a few years away from getting my student loans paid off. I don’t have a will, but have designated beneficiaries. And I have very good health and life insurance. So: I’ve got some work (most of us do!), but am happy with what I’ve done.

How about you? How are you feeling about money in your 30s (or will feel for those approaching 30)?



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