Our Theme for September: Vices

We’re wrapping up the end of College Month and will be moving on to our next theme: vices. We’re not just talking about money spent on typical vices (booze, gambling, smokes, though we’d be happy to talk about those too), but also our own personal vices and the role money plays in them.

Perhaps your vice is travel, or food, or online shopping, or going to way too many concerts. Or perhaps you have the common vice of “lifestyle creep,” or spending too much on “nesting.” It could even be something like being overly generous: I once knew a person whose vice was spending too much money on other people, and charged gifts on credit cards without thinking about the consequences. Whatever story you have about a vice, we’d love to hear about it (unless it’s about spending too much on coffee—that’s already been written about to death!).

Have a story to share that fits this theme? Email us.



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