Do 1 Thing: Thanking the Neighbors

“Your packaged was delivered!” the USPS tracking number informed me. When I arrived home later that evening, the package was nowhere to be found. The package had some things for work that I wouldn’t need until October, so I didn’t think too much about it. Weeks passed. And then a little old lady emailed me with a photo of my package.

“Does this belong to you?” she wrote. “It’s been sitting in our building for a very long time.” I’m a public person on the internet so it was easy for her to find my email address.

I thought about how easy it is to ignore these kinds of things: A package is misdelivered to a building and no one makes the effort to write a note to notify the mail carrier about the mistake. And then some kind person decides to take decisive action. The little old lady told me to buzz her apartment number and she’d let me into the building.

“Thanks for taking the time to get this sorted out,” I wrote to her after picking up the package from her building.

“That’s what neighbors are for!” she wrote. “Return the favor when you get one of ours!”

My 1 Thing is to write her a handwritten thank you note. And hope it gets delivered.

Photo: Bahador



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