The Next Generation

Mike: Did you guys see the Generation Z article in the Times this weekend?

Nicole: No! I heard about it, something about how they were writing about toddlers and babies? That could have been a joke though.

Mike: I want to write a post that goes, “Thank god everyone’s moving on and talking about a different generation.” But it would be a very short post.

Ester: That’s okay. People might enjoy it anyway.

Mike: Oh, Nicole, that was Generation Alpha! A different article, same reporter.

Nicole: Oh, okay. I’ve found both articles now.

Mike: Some consultant dude trying to coin a term early.


Ester: I can’t see Generation Z and NOT think “Generation Dragonball Z.”

Mike: lol.

Ester: Or “Generation World War Z.” So it’s hard for me to take seriously.

Mike: Apparently Gen Z is more earnest and responsible than we are.

Ester: Yes, I saw.

Mike: Which is funny.

Ester: Did you read the Anne Marie Slaughter piece?

Mike: I did not.

Ester: It was really good! [Excerpt: “Far too many discover that what was once a manageable and enjoyable work-family balance can no longer be sustained — regardless of ambition, confidence or even a partner who shares tasks equally.”]

Mike: Her kids are Gen Z. And one of them apparently had difficulty staying out of trouble.

Ester: Yes, Mike. That is true.

Mike: Every generation is a generation full of deadbeats until proven wrong?

Nicole: Well, the Millennials used to be earnest and responsible too until they got old enough to have to find their own jobs and housing. And now they’re cynical.

Mike: Well, we were supposed to be the “me me me generation,” or whatever that means.

Nicole: We were also supposed to be team players! Nobody knows what we are. Let’s write some more pieces about it.

Mike: We are the stagnant wages generation. Oh, I’m sure they’re not done with us yet.



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