A YouTube Question of the Day


YouTube is very likely to make a big announcement tomorrow. As HypeBot reports:

YouTube will unveil some of the programming it is funding to place behind a paywall as part of its new subscription service at an industry event at its Los Angeles studio this Wednesday October 21st.

FastCompany offers a few more details:

YouTube has been toying with the idea of charging its audience to watch videos for some time now, but it was only earlier this year that a leaked memo confirmed that YouTube would allow viewers to pay to watch videos without ads. According toRe/code, which cited unnamed industry sources, YouTube will also make some content exclusively available to those paying users.

As we wait for tomorrow’s announcement, let’s discuss: how much would you be willing to pay for a monthly YouTube subscription? Would you subscribe¬†just to watch YouTube without ads, or would it depend on the type of exclusive content YouTube plans to offer?



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