Kickstarters That Raised Money Faster Than Lincoln Chafee


Perhaps you’ve already forgotten erstwhile Democratic presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island. His performance in the recent televised debate made millions of people cock their heads, take a good look at him for the first time, and think, “John Cleese could definitely play him in the movie.”

Well, though you shouldn’t kick a man when he’s down, Vocativ has published a wry and informative piece that put Chafee’s candidacy into perspective, money-wise, by listing Kickstarter campaigns that did better than he did. Chafee “only really collected $11,336 from donors over a 90-day period.” That’s … not a lot. And it’s certainly less than these other brilliant Internet ideas:

chafee kickstarter

Losing to POOP: The Game? That’s rough. Good reminder than fundraising isn’t easy, though.

In case you were curious, before pulling out, Jim Webb of Virginia managed to raise just over $700,000. Total. That would not even buy him a two-bedroom in brownstone Brooklyn, let alone earn him on a place in Indiegogo’s Hall Of Fame.



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