The Weirdness of Amazon Prime Free Same-Day Delivery

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When we first started using Amazon to buy things, back in 2002 or whatever, I remember that you could get free shipping for purchases over $25. (It was $25, right?)

So we all played this little game called “can I find something to add to my purchase that takes the total over $25?” It was agonizing, at least to me, because you had to go through the entire decision tree:

—Do I pick something I want, or something I need?

—Now that I’ve decided what I’m going to buy, which of Amazon’s eleventy billion versions of it do I actually want to add to my cart?

—Will this thing take my cart total so far over $25 that I won’t want to buy it anymore?

—Can I find a cheaper version of this thing?

—Maybe if I decided to buy this other thing instead, I’d find a cheaper version of it!

—This is taking forever. What if I just paid for shipping?

I remember people would make public lists called “items to add to your Amazon cart to get free shipping.” Stuff like spatulas and novelty keyrings.

Well. Without going into the details, I had to buy an emergency vacuum on Amazon, and I needed it as soon as possible. (Yes, a vacuum should never be an “emergency” purchase, but I was hoping to hold off on buying it until I could take myself off my current spending freeze.)

Amazon Prime Free Same-Day Delivery operates much like the original Amazon free shipping plan: get your cart total over $35, and your items arrive later that day for free. (I am guessing that this is only available in certain areas; am I right, rural Billfolders?)

So, instead of mashing go on a cheapo Dirt Devil, I spent a half hour playing the “what should I buy to fill out my cart” game again. It was stressful because I didn’t really have an extra half hour to give to this process—and even though I ended up getting a vegetable peeler and chopper, I spent the entire time thinking “I should just pay them for shipping because I do not want to make twenty-five more decisions right now.”

It’s bizarre how getting an item to arrive at your door in a single afternoon feels like a hassle. I feel uncomfortable that I feel grumpy about this. There are plenty of ways to feel good about this instead: the people who make vegetable peelers and choppers get a little more money, for example, and I get something to use the next time I make mirepoix. That’s a net positive!

Have any of you done the Amazon Prime Free Same-Day Delivery thing? How long did it take you to decide what to put into your cart? At what point would you just say “eh, I’d rather pay for shipping?”


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