The Cost of Baking Candy Bar Pie

candy bar pie

I don’t know what you all baked for Thanksgiving, but I read a BuzzFeed article titled “The Best Pie Is This Cookie Dough Pie Filled With Candy,” and immediately changed all of my Thanksgiving cooking plans.

The actual recipe is from Crazy for Crust, although I bet you can figure out how to make candy bar pie on your own. The trick is not to bake it for so long that the candy blackens at the top. I should have taken my pies out about five minutes earlier, but the other trick is that when your pie is made out of blondie batter and fun-size candy, it’s really hard to make it taste bad.

How much does one candy bar pie cost? Let’s find out:

Marie Callender Pie Shell: $2.25

1/2 box of Betty Crocker vanilla cake mix: $0.63

One egg (for 1/2 portion of cake mix): $0.27

Olive oil (for 1/2 portion of cake mix): um, maybe $0.20? (It takes a lot of oil to turn cake mix into blondies. Also, I’m still using olive oil because I haven’t gotten around to buying vegetable oil yet.)

Assorted candy: $2.95

Total cost: $6.30

There are a few things I’d do differently if I were to make this pie again (and who am I kidding, this is my new favorite pie). First, I’d only use candies that looked cute: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, M&Ms, Junior Mints, Rolos. If I did use the square fun-size Snickers, I’d want to take them out of the oven before they started to melt into blobs.

I’d also arrange the candies in the pie in a way that was a little more attractive to the eye. Doesn’t necessarily need to be a pattern, although I’m already envisioning a Christmas version of this pie made out of mint chocolate brownie mix and nonpareils (to represent the falling snow) with a few Christmas tree-shaped Peeps added after the pie had cooked and cooled. There could be, like, a little cobblestone path of Junior Mints leading up to the Peeps. It would be the cutest pie ever.

Also—just so you know—the sweetest. Candy bar pie is not for the faint of tooth, and although I loved biting into the combination of pie dough, blondie filling, and fun-size candy, not all of my friends had the same response. Let’s just say it’s a matter of taste.


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