Do 1 Thing! Make That Decision You’ve Been Putting Off!

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It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to Do 1 Thing.

Today I guess I need to decide between two CPAs: the one I know and the one I don’t. (I’ve been putting this decision off, and I could in theory push it off even more, but the fact that I am avoiding it means it needs to be my Do 1 Thing for the day, right?)

Basically I could keep using the person I have now, or I could switch over to this other person who says he has a lot of experience working with freelancers and writers, but also said he starts his client relationship from the perspective that “writers don’t know anything about money and they keep terrible records,” which is absolutely not me. (I have spreadsheets stacked with records!)

So. Is that a red flag? Maybe answering my question can be your Do 1 Thing for the week!



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