Rambling Man: Two Satisfied Customers Check Back In


We have two updates from Rambling Man letter writers to share!

First, a quick one, from the lawyer who wanted to interview for her dream job while at her day job and to do so without having to lie:

Thank you so much for answering my question! I ended up feigning illness, of which my boss did want details (hooray for lawyers). However, I also ended up with two interviews for the day in question, both for the dream job in different offices. Your advice took a load off my mind and I was able to go in and do my best. Thank you!

Still a Terrible Liar

And, next, one from Jackie, who was scared of the paycut that might make her happy:

Thanks so much for answering my question from a few weeks back regarding quitting my dumb insurance job (“DIJ”) and figuring out how to still earn a living. I was in a pretty bad state about the whole thing; I was even too flustered to come up with a cute pseudonym.

I wanted to let you know that I have now in fact quit the DIJ and will be moving to San Antonio, TX to start a new job in immigration law. I will be taking a large pay cut but am hoping to make up for that with a much lower cost of living and help from the Public Interest Loan Forgiveness program. 

As I mentioned in my original email, I had been looking for a new job for some time, but Josh’s response and those of the commenters really got me motivated to expand my search geographically, and I expanded it all the way to Texas and got an offer a lot quicker than I was expecting. So, again, thanks! And if I am not around as much on the site, know that it is because I am spending my time representing clients in immigration hearings rather than dicking around online because I hate my job.


Three cheers all around!

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