How Africa’s Middle Class Does Money

The BBC recently asked two Ivory Coast residents—one middle class, living on $20 a day, and one surviving just above the poverty line at $2 a day—how they get by.

Google’s Brainteasers Don’t Help Them Hire Better People

It turns out that the fancy riddles Google famously used in job interviews didn’t actually help them hire better employees.

Finland’s Baby Boxes

The BBC has a great story about Finland’s 75-year tradition of providing expectant mothers with a special box of baby supplies including a mattress, socks and mittens, bodysuits, snowsuits, bath products, cloth diapers, a picture book.

Today in Terrible Job Ideas

Robbing banks for someone who says he’s a CIA officer.

How Star Trek Does Money

In what must be the nerdiest nerdgasm posted to the Internet in the last 24 hours, Slate economics blogger Matt Yglesias has watched every episode of every series of Star Trek and shared his thoughts about what makes the series’ great.

What Happens When the Sky Isn’t Falling?

One big reason the deficit is falling faster than expected is a surprising—and surprisingly durable—drop in health care spending, the source of most of America’s long-term fiscal problems. The seemingly inexorable rise in health care costs has been near the center of every big political and economic debate since Obama was elected. But the fact that it’s finally slowing down was deemed worthy only of page B3 by editors at The New York Times.

Kickstarting Chicago’s Economic Development

The city of Chicago has just announced a partnership with Kickstarter called Seed Chicago which aims to use the trendy crowdfunding platform to finance economic development in the city’s poorer neighborhoods.

How Reddit Thinks You Should Do Money

What are some useful secrets from your job, Redditors?

Are Corporate Taxes Too Damn High? Or Too Damn Low? Nobody Knows

Public companies—those whose shares are traded on stock markets—are required to disclose all kinds of information about their operations in annual government forms like the 10-K. But one thing they aren’t required to reveal is how much they actually owed the IRS that year, says Fortune magazine editor Allan Sloan.

Subject Line: “See the must-have tool Richard Branson can’t work without”

Mmm hmmm.