How Do You Handle ATM Fees?

A $4.50 fee per transaction? That’s usury.

The Cost of Hanukkah: Almost Nothing

The cheapest, easiest holiday of the year is now officially over. Here’s what it cost me.

The Final Word On Who Pays For Birthday Dinners

“A guest can’t volunteer all of the guests to pay for the host/honoree.”

The Functionality of Gift Guides, From Cheap-o To Cadillac

“A thousand bucks for a bar cart. How could I possibly need this unless I live in the coach section of an airplane?

‘Your Perfume Smells Like Your Daddy’s Got Money’: The Paris Hilton Story

Paris estimates that only Elizabeth Taylor has sold more celebrity-branded perfume than she has.

America Is Now Minority Middle-Class

More Americans are now either low-income or high-income than middle-class.

Landlords Threaten Tenants With PIs, Eviction Over AirBnB

City landlords are used to price-gouging. It’s just that they’re customarily the ones doing it.

How Far Do You Go To Secure Your Kid The “Best” Education?

In a painfully segregated school system like NYC’s, questions like “Which schools have families like yours?” feel as dog-whistle-y as anything coming out of the Republican primary.

Katie Klabusich Talks Twitter, ‘Broke’ Vs ‘Poor,’ And Being Trapped As An Unpaid Nanny

“I feel like it’s my place for whatever reason to try and reduce not just stigma, but invisibility.”

Is Private Housing The Problem? (And Is Public Housing The Answer?)

“Treating real estate as privately owned wealth, as a financial asset, has devastating public effects.”