I Tried To Negotiate. It Cost Me $1,000

Ask for more, Nicole and I encouraged each other. As long as you’re polite about it, what’s the worst that could happen?

Rambling Man: Two Satisfied Customers Check Back In

“I ended up with two interviews for the day in question, both for the dream job in different offices.”

The Pros And Cons Of Skipping Christmas

Skipping Christmas means having to spend less money *and* less time being stressed. I should be happy.

Leaving America Altogether When Costs Get Too High

Amanda Machado writes for Quartz that she left the US for South Africa in part because of money.

The Highest Paid Stars Of YouTube

Just Be Yourself is not a business strategy. Most of the time.

Lowering Health Care Costs: Some Benevolent Geniuses Are On It

It turns out medical professionals and other smart folks with resources really are trying to shift the status quo. They’re even making progress.

Media To Zuckerberg: “Zuck You”

Zuck, some advice: never read the comments, and definitely never wade in there to explain what you were trying to say.

The Fancier The Hotel, The Fewer The Freebies

Why is it that an $80 a night hotel will feed you and a $280 a night hotel will not? I’ve wondered this for years now, ever since staying in a swank Boston establishment for an academic conference.

Class Matters: How ‘Carol’ and ‘Jessica Jones’ Do Money

This is an issue fairy tales don’t address. Once Cinderella and Prince Charming defeat all obstacles and are at last together, married, and alone, how on earth do they relate to each other?

Hundreds Of Cheap, 5-Star Barbers & Other Mysteries Of Yelp

“Anyone who owns a small business will come to abhor Yelp.”