Monday Check-In

Happy Monday! Let’s check in.

Some News: The Billfold Is Partnering With Medium

We are excited to announce that the Billfold is partnering with Medium and will be moving onto their platform next week.

Friday Estimate

Happy Friday! Let’s do our weekend estimations.

Dear Billfold: How Can I Convince My WASPy Parents to Allow My Cantonese In-Laws to Pay for Dinner?

Bridging the culture gap during the holidays.

Is It Better to Have a Savings Account for When You Break Your Phone?

Is your insurance plan for your phone or gadget doing you any good?

Dressing for Success

Carl Richards writes in the Times about dressing for the part.

Monday Check-In

Happy Monday! Time to check in.

Friday Estimate

TGIF! Let’s do some estimations.

On Coworkers and Holiday Gifts

One of our readers wrote in to ask us if we could write about dealing with gifts for coworkers.

Update: franny’s Retracts Its Surcharge, Reconfigures Higher Menu Prices

Many of you were noting this morning that franny’s surcharge felt anti-ACA, and franny’s customers felt so too, so they’re getting rid of it.