Another Gift-Giving Question of the Day

How do you decide which friends get gifts, which friends get cards, and which friends get that Bath and Body Works sack of hand lotion that you have stashed away to regift to someone?

Billfold Book Review: ‘How to Start Your Very First Business’

Still looking for that last-minute holiday gift for a child aged 9-12? I recently received a review copy of How to Start Your Very First Business, the newest book in the Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club series.

How a Teacher in Tennessee Does Money

I am trying to find the balance between splurging and really needing to replace long-worn out items. Where is it?

What Are You Getting Your Office Secret Santa This Year?

Check out Fast Company’s newest comedy sketch featuring the terrible gifts we are likely to receive from our Office Secret Santas this year. (It is very, very familiar.)

A Hovering Question of the Day

Do you think children should be able to buy expensive gadgets that their peers cannot afford? Does it make a difference that this child saved for the purchase?

Do 1 Thing! Make That Decision You’ve Been Putting Off!

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to Do 1 Thing.

A Thoughtful Response to the Idea of Maxing Out Your Credit Cards in Your 20s

Because you’ll read a lot of hate-takes on this Washington Post article today.

Finland Is Testing Basic Income, But Not for the Reasons You Think

Finland is testing a new basic income plan that would, if successful, give people a flat amount of money every month.

Here’s One Way to Pay Off Your Student Loans in a Year

Langellier doesn’t say exactly how much debt he has, but he does say that it is in the “tens of thousands.” He begins working as a trucker in October 2014; by April 2015, the debt is paid off.