Privacy and Legal Policy


The Billfold provides personal experience regarding money and financial matters. It is not a substitute for professional advice in these matters. None of the advice given here is provided by lawyers or CPAs, except where noted, and even then it is solely the opinion of one professional, who is not in your employ. The Billfold, its owners, freelancers and representatives do not assert they are providing professional financial advice. They cannot be held liable for any results of the application of any ideas expressed on this site.


User Policy

The Billfold is committed to preserving the privacy of its users. This policy outlines the handling of users’ personal information that is submitted at any point in the site. The information is used only in the ways specified when it was collected. That information is not shared in any other shape or manner otherwise. Please feel free to read this privacy policy and those of all Websites you visit.


Types and uses of personal information


In order to access a profile, post comments, and mark favorite comments on The Billfold, you must first create an account with a username and password. The registration system requires that a valid email address–used to confirm the account. Accounts in The Billfold are backed up regularly, if the user changes the information on their account, The Billfold’s stored data backups may include the user’s original information for up to six months. Separately, when any The Billfold administrators are emailed, the addresses and correspondence are retained. This information is saved to respond to issues and inquiries of all types.


Information Sharing and Disclosure


Aggregate Information (non-personally identifiable)
Aggregated demographic information about our audience is shared with third-party advertising partners. Including: browser information and traffic statistics. This data is not tied to any individual readers’ accounts or personally identifiable information.


Personally identifiable information
No personally identifiable information is shared with third parties, with one limited exception: in situations in which The Billfold must disclose personally identifiable information about a user if we have a good faith belief that doing so is required by law, such as pursuant to a subpoena or other judicial or administrative order.


A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a user’s computer for record-keeping purposes. The Billfold uses cookies on this site. Some of the information stored in cookies is sometimes linked to readers’ accounts.


The Billfold uses both short-term cookies and persistent cookies. A short-term cookie expires within a limited period of time. Session cookies are used so that readers with accounts can navigate and contribute to The Billfold without logging in multiple times over a short period of time. A persistent cookie remains on the user’s hard drive for an extended period of time. This persistent cookies is used to recognize account holders and present the site accordingly. Users can remove cookies by following directions provided in your Internet browser’s “help” file.


If cookies are rejected, The Billfold is still usable and accessible, but a user’s ability to use some areas of the site, such as comments, will require logging in for each action.