Places I’ve Lived in Wellington: Behind a Couch, in a Half-Finished House, and More

Back in my early 20’s, I spent three years living in New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington.

A Hovering Question of the Day

Do you think children should be able to buy expensive gadgets that their peers cannot afford? Does it make a difference that this child saved for the purchase?

Some News: The Billfold Is Partnering With Medium

We are excited to announce that the Billfold is partnering with Medium and will be moving onto their platform next week.

‘Your Perfume Smells Like Your Daddy’s Got Money’: The Paris Hilton Story

Paris estimates that only Elizabeth Taylor has sold more celebrity-branded perfume than she has.

I Didn’t Work For Two Months and It Was Great

Saving money helped me get my financial house in order and see out this two-month stretch.

Friday Estimate

Happy Friday! Let’s do our weekend estimations.

America Is Now Minority Middle-Class

More Americans are now either low-income or high-income than middle-class.

Do 1 Thing! Make That Decision You’ve Been Putting Off!

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to Do 1 Thing.

A Thoughtful Response to the Idea of Maxing Out Your Credit Cards in Your 20s

Because you’ll read a lot of hate-takes on this Washington Post article today.

Why Women Should Earn More Than Men: We Get Charged More

Recently I’ve been busy doing grown woman things like undergoing a performance review at work, and I got to air my theory that ladies—all ladies, you, me, everyone we know—should automatically and by law be making at least $112 per month more than male counterparts in our respective roles.