My Year in Money: It’s Okay to Get a Housecleaner and Buy Cheese

This year, I took my first fundraising job. Asking for money is like dating: You hope you never do it enough to get good at it. Then suddenly you’re walking into a room full of strangers and telling them why you are more entitled to their money than they are, and you realize that that you have done this umpteen times, this is literally your umpteenth time, and you don’t even sweat a little bit the first time you say a number out loud.

Worthwhile Hobbies I Picked Up in 2012

My favorite things I purchased this year weren’t possessions but new hobbies—costly, yet worthwhile.

The Thing I Bought This Year with a Scary Price Tag

I’m still not sure yet if it was a mistake.

On Sunk Costs and Not Throwing it Away

This year, I learned that sometimes it’s best not to throw in the towel.

What I Learned About Money and Life This Year

Lessons Were Learned

We learned some things.

5 Fiscal Decisions of Relative Importance in 2012

Decisions were made.

$13,000 Well Spent

This is a little humbling, because I never thought I would be the type of person to write this: My most memorable purchase in 2012 was definitely my wedding.

Things I Wasted Money On (This Year)

Some money was wasted.

In 2012 I Learned What I Can and Can’t Afford

What I can and can’t afford.