Financial Advice Strong Enough For A Man But PH Balanced For A Woman

Two new firms aren’t approaching women as dizzy socialites who don’t know how to balance their checkbooks, but rather as consumers whose specific needs are not yet being met.

Hilariously Bad Financial Advice You Should Not Take But Should Enjoy Reading Nonetheless

“When you care about your 401k, your life is just ‘K.'” I don’t know what that means, but I’d like it carved on my tombstone.

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Tips For Hustling

The New Financial Advice is shaping up to be a real bummer: if we know anything, it is that we should expect to earn and achieve less, to be unemployed more, to carry debt always, and not to live where we want, but where we can. But beyond accommodating ourselves mentally to straitened circumstances, what shall we do? The answer, it seems, is that we shall hustle.

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