Would You Buy A Rental Car?

Even if you think you’d never buy a former rental, you may have done so without knowing it.

“If You’re Going To Splurge, Buy Art”

Filmmaker John Waters is charming in this Business Insider video, giving financial advice to millennials.

Nostalgia for a Beater Car

I had to have a car. I was working two jobs — publicity and waitressing — and the jobs were 30 minutes apart. I took the day off of work, rented a car for one day, and set out bright and early to get the job done.

Spend More on an Austen than Austen Herself Made in her Life!

Until recently, the poster languished in the bedroom, leaning against a wall like Jordan Catalano. Then Ben decided that Something Should Be Done and started emailing auction houses.

Paying for the Things You Never Fathomed You’d Pay For

I was at lunch with a friend a few months ago when he looked down at his watch and said, “Oh I just got a message from [so-and-so]—I’ll need to dash off in 15 minutes.”