Puerto Rican Grad Students Lose Funding Due to Government Austerity Plan

Puerto Rico is out of money, which means grad students are losing the funding they need to complete their degrees.

Gotta Balance That Budget Kids

Philadelphia Public Schools have fired 3,783 employees in response to budget cuts. The Teacher Action Group would like to you see their faces.

Meanwhile In Greece: Homeless People Are People Who Used to Have Jobs and Homes

Reuters has a nice (nice?) collection of portraits of people living on the street in Greece, and the captions are really well done and respectful, presenting these men as working people who lost their jobs and then their homes.

Meanwhile in Greece: ‘Anger Always Wants a Target’

In Greece, where unemployment is at 27 percent and life is increasingly impossible and miserable, the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn—slogan, “Greece belongs to Greeks”—has claimed 18 of the 300 parliament seats and enjoys support from 12 percent of the population. The party and its constituents have been blamed for a surge of violent crime against immigrants. (“Anger always wants a target,” said the prominent clinical psychologist, Dr Iphigenia Macri. “Golden Dawn provides a target, which is immigrants. It is targeting all that anger and sense of abuse that, collectively, Greek people feel at the hands of the government and state.”)

Meanwhile in Greece, The Shock Doctrine Plays Out

Naomi Klein talks to Lynn Edmonds about Greece, austerity, and the shock doctrine. Lots to unpack, read the whole thing, but here are four crucial thoughts.

Meanwhile in Greece

Meanwhile in Greece

Meanwhile in Greece

Meanwhile in Greece

Back to the Land Craze Hits Greece!