Nearly Halfway: What Pregnancy Has Cost Me So Far

The cost of nearly 17 weeks of gestation.

Can Feminism and Breastfeeding Coexist, Take 2

Babygirl is four months old. I buy my first can of formula from a small pharmacy in Guatemala and bottled water to mix it with.

How Long Should Paternity Leave Be?

When Theodore Ross’s son was born, he received two weeks of paternity leave. Was it enough? In an editorial for Al Jazeera America, Ross says no.

The Surrogates

Surrogacy usually costs more than six figures, but what is it like to be an actual surrogate? In The Washingtonian, Alexandra Robbins and Ali Eaves talked to women who advertised themselves on surrogacy sites, including 40-year-old Kathy Powers, who said she “craved pregnancy but not another child,” which made her an ideal surrogate. Their story addresses other things like, what kind of relationship will the surrogate have with the child after birth (none for some, while others visit and send birthday and holiday gifts), and difficult questions parents using surrogates face, like how they would feel if they discovered that the baby would have genetic defects (in one case, the couple asked the surrogate to have an abortion, and the surrogate refused).

It’s Okay to Buy Cheap For Baby, Go Ahead You Have Permission, It’s Fine

Adam Davidson’s column on organic super magical natural health baby supplies is a fun little read. Feel happy! Feel smug! Be reminded that buying the cheapest possible shit for your spawn is not only okay it’s good business sense. After all: “It’s easy to feel like a sucker once you realize that nearly every dollar you’ve paid over the commodity price is probably wasted.”

Finland’s Baby Boxes

The BBC has a great story about Finland’s 75-year tradition of providing expectant mothers with a special box of baby supplies including a mattress, socks and mittens, bodysuits, snowsuits, bath products, cloth diapers, a picture book.

Super-Parents Products

Babies As Luxuries

In Guernica, Mira Ptacin tells her story about not earning enough money to afford private health insurance, but earning too much to qualify for state-funded care (Medicaid).

Not Having Children Is Letting Us Have It All

In June, I’ll turn 28 and be the oldest any woman in my mom’s family has been without popping one out. I’ll also be far wealthier than my parents were at my age. I look around our condo and don’t even know how a kid would fit in if I wanted one right now, and don’t know what we’d have to stop buying to afford another person.

Bet On Your Baby