Dear Bank: I’m Breaking Up With You

Dear Marie:

It was with mixed emotions that I read your letter, in which you wrote that Liberty Bank values its relationship with me. I must confess to some serious misgivings concerning that relationship and the bank’s true feelings.

Credit Reporting Agency Says Woman Is Deceased, Woman Says Hey I’m Alive

Kimberly Haman was applying for a new mortgage when her application was put on hold. The reason? Equifax, one of the U.S. consumer credit reporting agencies, thought she was dead.

How Can I Prevent Myself From Overdrawing My Account?

I forgot about an automatic payment which wiped out my checking account two days before my paycheck came in, and in that void I swiped my debit card five times which resulted in five overdraft fees of $35 each. Of course I had plenty of money in my savings account, but since I don’t sign into my bank account every day (should I be doing this?), I didn’t realize in time to transfer the money.

What a Professor Studying Low-Income Communities Discovered After Working for a Payday Lender

Lisa Servon studies low-income communities and is a professor of urban policy at the New School in New York. Partly to make money so she could make ends meet, and partly to get an inside look at payday lenders, Servon decided to work at a check-cashing place in the Bronx and at a payday lender in California.

Ordering the Checks We Don’t Write Anymore

I write one check every month, and that single check goes to my landlord. Aside from the occasional voided-check-to-an-employer, that’s basically it. Most everything else is auto-debited, or credit card-ed, or PayPal-ed. So it always comes as a surprise when my shoebox stash runs out every two years or so, and I’m faced with the sad chore of reordering checks.

Why It Takes So Long in the U.S. to Transfer Money

Last week Logan was in the office and she said, “I transferred money from one bank account I have to another a few days ago and it still hasn’t showed up yet. Where is the money right now? Why does it take so long for that money to show up?”

Baby’s First Fraud Alert

I got a call from an unknown number Saturday morning. I ignored it. An hour later they called again. Straight to voicemail. This time they left a message. It was fraud prevention from my bank. Please call them back. My stomach dropped and I logged into my account online.

“Attach Money”

Google has started rolling out the ability to “attach money” in Gmail to send to other people. It’s part of their Google Wallet feature.

‘The Bank Account Is Extremely Stressful’

This story from All Things Considered last week pointed out that insurance companies often require payment via check or electronic funds transfer and that’s going to be a problem for the 51 million Americans without bank accounts.

Banking Customer Service

Felix Salmon had a really difficult time requesting a simple document from Citibank and wrote a post about his experience on Medium.