On Saying No Without A Safety Net

Even though my stomach felt queasy, I turned the internship down. It was my first professional offer for anything, and I had said no.

Brief Periods of Unemployment After College, as Told to Me by Friends

A few months after getting my first steady job since being unemployed, I still hadn’t let go of a lot of the habits and anxieties I’d developed during that time. I’d go up and down the grocery store aisle price-comparing boxed pasta, shaming myself for ever spending more than $20 at a time. I joked to friends that I was a recovering unemployed person, working my way through a twelve-step program.

Unemployed, Discouraged, But Not Hopeless

Laid off. Let go. Terminated. Fired.

However you want to spin it, I am jobless.

Cons of Being Unemployed in Los Angeles

Out of Work, Out to California

When I lost my job I went out to California and I suppose there are a few reasons for that. One is that this is just what we do, we Americans, when we find ourselves without work: We go West to where things might be (have to be, please God let them be) better.