Billfold Book Review: ‘How to Start Your Very First Business’

Still looking for that last-minute holiday gift for a child aged 9-12? I recently received a review copy of How to Start Your Very First Business, the newest book in the Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club series.

Physical Books Increase Kids’ Reading Performance—But at What Cost?

If we’re assuming you want to go all the way to the point of diminishing returns and collect 500 print volumes, you might end up spending over $3,000 on books.

Are Scholastic Book Orders Worth It?

I had an instant vision of myself as the Book Fairy, going to Scholastic Book Fairs and giving librarians handfuls of cash to redistribute as needed.

The Unprecedented Success Of, And Backlash To, A LITTLE LIFE

The success of such a lengthy book of literary fiction by a relatively unknown author is surprising. The backlash has been commensurately severe.

I Went to the New Amazon Books Store

It was a comfortable, well-organized, well-lit bookstore focusing on popular titles while simultaneously highlighting the popularity of these titles.

J.K. Rowling Splits ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ Into Two Parts Because Of Course She Does

How do you double your money in the theater?
Be J.K. Rowling, name your play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” and split it into two parts.

How Harry Potter Really Does Money

Harry is heir to a hair fortune! We know that Rowling likes to use Dickensian-level descriptive names (see: naming a man who eventually becomes a werewolf “Remus Lupin”) but this is beyond delightful.

Jill Talbot’s ‘The Way We Weren’t’ Describes Single Parenting and Privation in Academia

When I asked Talbot if she had any advice to share for Billfold readers considering a career in academia, she laughed for a very long time and then asked me to quote her as “laughing for a very long time.”

A Conversation With Craig Lambert, Author of ‘Shadow Work’

Everyone has a slightly different version of which tasks they consider their responsibilities and which tasks they feel like they have been tricked into doing themselves.

Interview With Dina Gachman, Author Of ‘BROKENOMICS’

Being broke isn’t always hilarious, obviously, often it’s terrifying, but I do think you have to step back and try and gain some sort of perspective about the things you’re experiencing, and knowing when to laugh is crucial.