Success: It’s In The Bag

The Most Effective Product Placement in True Detective

True detective.

Olympics Commercials, Ranked

I watched some ads.

1 Line or Many Lines

Jingle Me This

Tristan Clopet argues that every brand needs a jingle. EVERY SINGLE BRAND. Which means: You need a jingle because you are a brand! I need a jingle because I am a brand! This site needs a jingle because this site is a brand! The Billfold jingle, in my head, has always been the same as The Simpsons jingle. (“The Billlllllll-fold.”) But that’s probably jingle theft. What’s your jingle?

Ring Ring, Does This Make You Jealous?

New Yorrkkkkkkkkk

Ads Know All

I’d Like to Give You Money for Your Product, But First Here Are Some Tips

Couple of curious things about this packaging.

Very Specific Reasons to Buy and Eat Dessert

Matt Powers was at my house recently, and I played market researcher and asked him about dessert.