The Taco That Created 15,000 Jobs

If you had asked me to make a wager on whether or not a taco made with a Doritos shell would be a wildly successful fast food item people would want to consume, I would have bet against it and lost.

I Fell for Taylor Swift’s Marketing Strategy

I was also impressed by Swift’s ability to market herself well. She really is a marketing genius. When her newest album came out, I bought it, not because I had been waiting to buy it, truthfully, but because buying it was the only way you could listen to it.

The C.K. Way

I’m a regular TAL listener and regularly donate to the program every year during its pledge drives. Hopefully the sales of this live show and future ones will be another way for the program to raise a bunch of money.

Streaming Services Don’t Pay Much for Music

Damon Krukowski, a musician for the bands Galaxie 500 and Damon & Naomi wrote up a nice piece for Pitchfork about how music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify aren’t very good business models for musicians who license their music to these services because they don’t pay well—even if their songs are played millions of times.