Going Off-Brand

Our pal John Herrman has a piece this week in Matter about how switched from his defunct $650 iPhone to a mid-market $76.14 “shitphone” where he had the ability to do nearly everything his former phone did.

The Best Start-Ups and Innovative Companies

To give you a sense of how momentous the magazine’s choice is, they also include Google, Apple, and Instagram in their top 5 Most Innovative Companies. Just, you know, below the dudes who sell you frames.

Why Aren’t You Paying for Music?

David Lowery, a co-founder of the rock band Cracker, and a lecturer in the University of Georgia’s music business program, posted a letter to NPR “All Songs Considered” summer intern Emily White in response to a blog post she wrote where she admitted that although she had about 11,000 digital songs in her music library, she had probably only bought 15 albums in her lifetime.