Why You Should Change Careers, Like, Tomorrow! Or Maybe Not

Job satisfaction is close to, but not quite, priceless.

Today’s Tweens Want Jobs in STEM and Healthcare

In this small sample size, every single student wants to pursue a STEM career (yes, architecture is classified as a STEM career) or a STEM-adjacent career in healthcare/veterinary care.

Careers Seriously Considered Because of TV


Career Advice from a Tarot Card Reader

A friend of mine had seen a card reader in this mysticism shop and recommended him as a particularly intuitive guy. I was immediately curious. At 30, with several years of work experience under my belt (and many, many more ahead), I’m trying to figure out what I want in my career.

My Career is a Handicraft

My career is a collage made of torn up pieces of construction paper and paste. And other things my career is like.

The Art of Starting a Career Group

The idea was simple: to gather a group of women who would meet regularly to support each others’ lives and careers by reading and discussing interesting books and articles, and by sharing thoughts, experiences, and resources. Steph and I hoped it might become something we’d want to participate in for the long-term, allowing us to track people’s career development through various life phases and jobs.

Stop Apologizing

Every business “expert,” career advisor, and their mothers will warn job seekers to avoid vocal fry, up speak, mumbling, meandering, cursing, spitting, or slip-ups, Freudian or otherwise. I’m guilty of committing all of the above, but my worst verbal tick, I’m sorry to say, is over-apologizing.

How Many Dollars Will You Meet Before You Change?

San Antonio Spurs basketball star Stephen Jackson also raps, and in an interview with ESPN, he talks about his career and how he’s seen money change people he knows, and why that’ll never happen to him.

On Doing What You Love

When I look back on my education and career path, I see a kid who did what he wanted to do because he loved it. I suppose you could call this “following your passions.” I also see a kid who did what it took to make a decent living and pay his bills. I suppose you could call this “following the money.

The Importance of Titles

Are job titles important to you?