The Next Generation

Moving on to Generation Z.

Buying a Soundtrack From 2000 in 2015

Our pal, Adam Freelander, whom you may know from his movie coverage for our site in the past, has been guest-editing this week while Nicole is away on a cruise. Adam tried to help acquire some music yesterday.

Living Alone

Mike: Nicole, earlier this week, Ester wrote about what’s it worth for us to live alone. You and I live alone in our respective cities. Want to talk about how that happened?

Talking to Michael Dougherty About His New Podcast, “Your Crowdfunding Sucks”

Your Crowdfunding Sucks is a podcast dedicated to helping people overcome the hurdles at the beginning, middle, or even end of their campaign.

Flying Over The Ocean in Economy Class

Mike: I definitely brought up Snowpiercer! But then the flight attendant asked me if I was sure if I didn’t want any champagne or wine, and remembered that flying international, no matter what seat you get, is so much more amazing than flying domestic in the U.S.

Wishing For A Unicorn

I went to an open house for an apartment this weekend, because the money is hypothetically an apartment fund, but in New York I might as well be wishing for a unicorn.

Chatting About Big Projects

I don’t know why they choose November for either of these [big projects like NaNoWriMo]. November is always a busy time of year as we gear up for the holidays. But maybe that’s why: you want something done, ask a busy person.

Rationalizing Adorable, Impractical Online Purchases

GTD, Planning for the Holidays Edition

You ever think we’re going to be the last generation that does presents? Like, we were the last generation that did trick-or-treating as a door-to-door thing, don’t most kids do organized Candy Events now? And we were the last generation that did birthday parties where everyone brought gifts, now it’s like “bring a used book for charity, please do not bring my child a Spiderman toy.”

Our Vanilla-and-Guilt-Flavored Real Estate Fantasies

Fantasies and gratitude for reality aren’t mutually exclusive! Or maybe fantasies distract from gratitude. I don’t know! It’s not greedy! Or is it?