Have You Ever Been Asked For a Refund After a Date?

The story of a Tinder date gone wrong, and a man who asked his date to reimburse him £5 for her cup of coffee.

Here’s Your One Chance Fancy Don’t Let Me Down

And fancy is what I felt last night when a friend invited me to have a drink at the sort of place that forbids jeans and sneakers—the sort of place that’s “jacket required” for men, preferably with a tie.

The Best Cheap Date of the Summer: Minor League Outings

My boyfriend and I moved in together almost exactly a year ago, and while we’re far from in a rut—living together, for us, is pretty awesome—we’ve definitely slacked off when it comes to actual dates that require leaving our neighborhood, or doing anything new and adventurous. So last week, in the fulfillment of a dream I’ve had ever since I caught A League of Their Own on cable last summer, we took the subway train down to Coney Island to see Brooklyn’s own minor league baseball team, the Cyclones.