The Unintended Consequence Of Endless Workdays: Gentrification

Because white-collar jobs are demanding more of their employees, employees try to find housing near their offices to keep up with their jobs — and that means often, if unintentionally, displacing longtime, lower-income residents.

A Minority View On Inner-City Poverty

“Building new affordable housing in wealthy areas takes investment away from the downtrodden areas that most need it.”

What You Could Do With Your Money In Another City

How far does your paycheck go?

Cities That Are Not New York: Singapore, Cont’d!

Cities That Are Not New York: Tucson, Ariz.

Donkeys in Detroit? DNC Considers Motor City for 2016

Let’s All Move to Vienna

Mercer’s annual survey of the top cities according to quality of living is out and the top five cities are as follows.

The San Francisco Squeeze

Urban Design and Happy Cities

Luring the Kids Back to Their Hometowns

Cincinnati Magazine has a story about the city of Wilmington, Ohio, which saw its unemployment rate skyrocket to 19 percent after the city’s biggest employer, DHL, left the city during the Great Recession. Wilmington went into crisis mode to get the city back into shape and persuaded DHL to donate the land and buildings back to the city. The city also convinced a lot of its young people to return to Wilmington after they finished college.