Starbucks’ #RaceTogether Makes Unrealistic Assumptions About Both Race and Work

#RaceTogether is based on a fictional idea of how we can all solve racism over a cup of coffee, but it’s also based on a fictional idea that baristas have the time to have these conversations in the first place.

How Much Is Your Iced Coffee?

Have you noticed an increase in iced coffee prices in your area? Perhaps, at your local independent coffee shop? Gothamist writes that the increases—which has been anywhere from a few cents to a full dollar—are due to a variety reasons including a bad crop year

$45 a Month for a Bottomless Cup of Coffee

How a Stanford Professor Made A Really Good One-Cup Coffee Maker

Have you ever had a cup of coffee made with an AeroPress?

Another Thing About Lattes

Robot Baristas

I don’t know about this whole robots taking over the coffee business, though I’m sure it will have an effect. One of the reasons why I like getting coffee is the real-live human interaction I get from a coffee shop. The person who takes my coffee order every morning knows my name. She asks me how I’m doing. There is a good buzz going on. If there were a human-operated coffee shop down the street from me next to a robot-operated coffee shop, I’d pay the premium to go to the one with humans.

Three Economic Terms to Help Explain My Coffee Addiction

Maybe you’ve heard the financial wisdom that cutting out buying coffee is a good way to save (e.g. yourlatte factor). Here are three economic concepts to remember when putting yourself through this, or similar mental anguish over how you spend your money.

Single-cup Coffee, Tons of Garbage

In the East Bay Express, Vanessa Rancaño looks at the growing popularity of single-cup coffee machines that use individual capsules and the “hundreds of millions of pounds of unrecyclable trash” the machines have started to produce. What we pay for convenience often comes at the price of sustainability.

Americans Like Folgers in their Coffee Cups

If there’s a one coffee jingle I know, it belongs to Folgers—even if it’s not the brand I buy at the grocery store. But it’s still America’s favorite coffee, according to Bloomberg Businessweek which shows Folgers leading with 15.6 percent of the U.S. market (third-party brands were in second, Green Mountain has 4.3 percent, and Starbucks has 3.3 percent of the market). I generally tend to buy fresh beans at the store and have them ground fresh. Are you a Folgers fan? What do you like to buy?

Morning Coffee Orders From Around the World

I asked my friends around the world about their morning coffee orders.