Free Tuition Is A Bad Idea, Insists President Of Expensive Private College

The ambassador of the status quo speaks out.

Democrats And (Some) Republicans Agree: We Must Overhaul How We Pay For College

Contenders for the Democratic nomination have unveiled policies to help solve the problem of rapidly rising college costs. Though the plans differ in details, they agree in essentials.

Cartoon Villainy In The World of For-Profit Higher Ed

Cruella de Vil is alive and living in San Francisco.

At What Point Do College Costs Become “Something You Can’t Afford?”

Understanding that college is not about getting a job, but that it is also important to build the skills and connections that’ll help you get hired, what college experiences are important enough to do even if you can’t afford them?

The Hidden Costs of College (Even If You Get a Full Scholarship)

I worked a lot, and my money ended up going right back into my educational expenses.

Let’s Reminisce About College Admissions!

Is the topic of finances too distasteful for you, CNN Money? When did you get so squeamish?

Want a Free College Education? Show Up to Class and Don’t Get Caught

I am fascinated by the story of 28-year-old Guillaume Dumas, who recently announced that he spent 2008-2012 taking courses at Yale, Brown, Stanford and other schools without paying tuition. How’d he do it? As he told The Atlantic, he walked into classrooms and acted like he belonged.

Thank You Title IX, Says Mom of IV Daughters

Thanks to Title IX , good genes, and good coaching, our female athletes have a chance at a high-quality college education without paying for it the rest of their lives.

Labor (Profs) vs Management (Administration) at Colleges Heats Up

A Better College Cost Calculator, But Still Imperfect

If you are a student from a low-income or middle class family who dreams about going to an elite college like Harvard or Wellesley, how do you know if you’ll be able to afford it? Those families are likely to pay less than the sticker price, but how much less? According to Economix, Wellesley has taken the steps to help those students and families get a sense of what they might have to pay by putting together a college cost calculator that asks questions like how much equity parents have in their homes, their annual incomes, and the amount of money they have in savings and retirement. The one major flaw: The calculator only shows how much the parents are expected to pay, and not the amount of loans the student may have to take out as part of her aid package.