The End of Neighborliness

Hi. Nice to meet you. I live next door.

Living in Agritopia

In the Times, Kate Murphy looks at the Agritopia neighborhood in Gilbert, Ariz. Agritopia is just one of so-called “agrihoods”—communities built around a working farm

Stepping Away From the Church as Corporation

Jim Hinch, a religion correspondent for The Orange Country Register, has a piece in The American Scholar looking at the decline of evangelical megachurches, and what has been popping up in their place: pockets of Christians who are gathering and meet in homes and rented office buildings and work with the needy, as demonstrated by the Laundry Love ministry above. Hinch also finds congregations tutoring low-income students, and providing services to the homeless. I’m not particularly religious, but this is work I can believe in.

One Billionaire’s Attempt to Save a Neighborhood

Did Comer make a huge difference? Yes, and no.