What We Want to Buy

Not all of us are broke and feeling insecure. A lot of my friends are getting married this year, and others have babies on the way. They have just bought homes, or are saving now to buy homes. And some who are single like me and who aren’t planning on getting married or having children any time soon are saving money and shedding as much debt as possible. That money isn’t just going to sit in the bank forever—we intend to spend it. So what do we want to buy?

How We Boycott and Why I Went to Starbucks This Morning

I went to Starbucks today for the same reason I go to Starbucks most work days: I wanted a cup of coffee (and Gregory’s Coffee doesn’t taste that great to me). It didn’t look like any of the customers in the coffee shop this morning were there to support gay marriage, and if so, I salute them, but I agree with Jefferson and wish they’d just send their money to Human Rights Campaign, instead of Starbucks’s coffers. Get some coffee is you want some coffee, but your money will actually make a difference at an organization like HRC.