Progressives Forced To Ask, Is Amazon Any Better Than Wal-mart?

Thanks to an article in the Times about its business structure that is as elaborately researched as it is grimly depressing, consumers are being forced to take a closer look at Amazon and ask themselves, “How do I feel about supporting a hellscape?”

Link Round-Up: Index Funds; Women-Oriented Companies Run By Men Because #Patriarchy

Amazon: Falling Out of Our Good Graces

But what about Amazon’s mercenary business practices? Wasn’t I turned off by that?

In-N-Out Burger Has Remained Popular and Profitable While Treating Employees Well

Orange Coast Magazine has a profile about Lynsi Snyder, the 31-year-old president of the much beloved In-N-Out Burger chain, and it’s filled with a bunch of interesting tidbits about the family that founded the company in the 1940s and how it has remained profitable and popular even as competitors like McDonald’s saw a sudden rise, and other beloved chains like Five Guys entered the market.

Tim Armstrong Apologizes; Mother of ‘Distressed Baby’ Speaks Up

On Saturday, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong apologized for his comments about distressed babies being a part of the reason why 401(k) benefits were being cut for employees, and announced that the old retirement savings plan would be restored (somehow?).

Too Busy Counting Their Money to Care That You Hate Them

Think about the companies you love to hate: cable TV providers, cellphone carriers. It turns out that some of the most-hated companies out there don’t care that you hate them because they’re too busy going home to count all the money they’re making.

Ikea Wins Hearts in China

Ikea has come to China, and the Chinese are really into it. I’m also pitting the matchmaking-Ikea of China vs. Liz Lemon’s couple-destroying-Ikea in the U.S. against each other in my mind.

Walmart Will Pull Plans in D.C. if It’s Required to Pay a Living Wage

According to The Washington Post, Walmart is threatening to pull out plans to build three stores in Washington D.C. if the city’s living wage bill for major retailers becomes law. D.C.’s minimum wage is $8.25 an hour but the City Council’s bill would require retailers with corporate sales of $1 billion or more and operating in spaces 75,000 square feet or larger to pay their employees at least $12.50 an hour. The bill would also affect retailers like Costco, Macy’s and Home Depot (Costco, as we’ve learned, already pays it’s hourly workers an average of $20.89 an hour).

Costco Wants Its Employees to be Happy

Bloomberg Businessweek is examining some of the things big box retailer Costco does right—just as Walmart workers are preparing to protest for better wages and working conditions at Walmart’s annual meeting tomorrow held in Bentonville, Arkansas.

You Think You Own Whatever Land You Land On

Fast Company takes a look at how companies use colors to trigger specific emotions out of people. I mean, Oreos™ are pretty dependable!