We Deeply Regret That This Incident Occurred

Got some cool mail today. Real cool mail. It starts out kind of exciting, right? Like, it’s almost like the hacker TARGETED ME SPECIFICALLY. If this was a movie, I would drop the letter, look into the distance, my eyes narrowing, and say, barely audible: “Mike Dang.”

Shop Around for Those Rates

The Bucks blog is tackling credit scores this morning. It’s okay to shop around for better rates if you’re looking to take out a loan and worried about your credit score. I only think about my credit score whenever I’m apartment hunting and landlords are eyeballing the score to gauge whether or not you’ll be a risky tenant. The best way to maintain a good score (or to improve it) is to pay your bills on time and pay down your debt if you have it.

Reason for Dispute: My Name Is Not Angel Polentino

Adventures in correcting wrongs.