Another Perspective on Crowdfunding Adoption

When we had our crowdfunding discussion last week, some of you expressed extreme reservation at the idea of crowdfunding an adoption. The Toast’s Nicole S. Chung shares a similar perspective.

Is Crowdfunding Ever “Wrong?”

It’s nearly always the person with whom I only have a tenuous connection—that Facebook friend I met once, years ago—that draws the “well, why are they asking me to solve their problem with my money?” reaction.

Crowdfunding For Countries

As of this writing, almost 31,000 people have raised almost 500,000 euros for the nation of Greece.

Getting Funded While Female

Olen advises women to swagger more, even if we have to fake it; be more resilient and less dispirited by the word “no”; and make use of our networks.

Paying Me To Go Away: Crowdfunding A Writer’s Residency

I raised the $1,700 I needed in one day.

Americans Help Man Get Car, Are Still Generally Selfish And Myopic

We love this guy. We love him to the tune of $277,000+, apparently, because he is an old school, uphill-both-ways, Greatest Generation, pulling-himself-up-by-his-bootstraps kind of man.

The Internet as Safety Net

If I were experiencing an Accident: Personal Crisis, I would absolutely get on a crowdfunding site and ask my friends for help. It would probably be about the sixth or seventh plan down the list, after maxing out my credit cards and the rest of it, but I would ask.

Asking For It: Crowdfunding A Passion Project

One consequence of having friends for years is you get to see the changes that life brings. (Cue David Bowie ch-ch-ch-changes.) One of my best friends, playwright and performer Alexis Clements, is a lady who works hard, writes a ton, and explores widely. We met in 2000 while studying abroad in the Netherlands. We both liked to cook elaborate meals in hostel kitchens and traveled light. I was a poet and she was studying theater. In the time since then, she’s worked in museums & science institutions while exploring subjects as diverse as Ben Franklin, conversation, and pamphleteering in the greater New York area. In the mid-2000s, she moved to England and got a master’s in philosophy of science. Around the same time I went to grad school for poetry and dropped out after a year, afraid of the debt I was accruing.

When Movies Are Funded By Fans

How to Run a Celebrity Kickstarter Campaign

The success of celebrities like Braff and Lee on Kickstarter are proving that the rest of us plebes have to kick up our game. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.